Over the years I have worked with a number of individuals in the sport of cycling including Mike McCarthy - 1993 world champion and winner of numerous national and Pan-American Championships,  Danny Pate - 2001 world champion, and Sarah Hammer - winner of multiple world championships and current world record holder.  Other clients of note include:

Michael Creed

I worked with Mike for several years as a junior and professional cyclist.  Over that time Mike won more national championships on the road and track than I can remember.  His abilities on the bike are only overshadowed by the wit of his tweets.

Sky Christopherson

Sky was the first elite cyclist that I coached.  When I met him in 1995, Sky was the quintessential example of a diamond in the rough that no one had bothered to polish.  He was the national champion in the kilometer time trial as a Junior in 1994, riding it in 1:09 and some change.  After winning nationals, Sky got involved with the US National Team and began training on the national team training program (a program that I was not particularly fond of).  After a year of training on that program, Sky was a year older and still riding 1:09s.  I started working with him in the early summer of 1995 and immediately made drastic changes to his training program.  After five weeks of this new training approach, Sky rode a 1:05.6 on his way to his first senior national championship in the kilometer.  Four weeks later, Sky rode the kilometer in 1:02.7.  Not a bad improvement for nine weeks of training!  Sky still competes in the master's division and recently set a new world record in the flying 200 m in the 35+ category. 

Jane Quigley

Jane was another national team member I coached during my time working for USA Cycling.  After several years of toiling under the archaic national team training program, Jane's performances began to stagnate and, in many cases, regress.  I started working with her during the 1995-96 off-season with a program that focused on high-intensity training and plenty of rest between her workouts.  Jane's performances improved markedly over the course of the 1996 season.  She narrowly missed qualifying for the Olympic Games in the women's pursuit and went on to win a silver medal in the points race at the 1996 world championship.

Current Clients

My responsibilities in my academic career has required me to reduce the number of clients that I coach.  I currently am working with three riders.

Abraao Azevedo

Abraao is a mountain bike racer from Brazil and currently competes in the master's division.  He specializes in long, one-day races and mountain bike stage races.  I have been working with Abraao since 2008.  Each year, Abraao sets a series of goals that usually include the world championships and the Brasil Ride - a particularly brutal, multi-day mountain bike stage race.  In 2010, Abraao won a silver medal in the cross country event at the world mountain bike championships.  To top that, in 2011 Abraao won the cross country event at the Pan American Games and the world championships and finished his year by taking second place in the Brasil Ride.  In 2012, Abraao returned to the world championships and grabbed another silver medal and then promptly won the Brasil Ride a few weeks later.  Abraao continues to push forward as an athlete in 2013.  He recently won the Cape Epic, a demanding mountain bike stage race held in South Africa.  Abraao and his teammate won four of the seven stages and won on GC by over an hour!  This is especially impressive considering that the second place team included Bart Brentjens, the former world mountain bike champion and overall world cup winner.  Talented, dedicated, and motivated, Abraao is every coaches dream.

Norm Carter

I have had a long friendship and coaching relationship with Norm.  It began in 1995 when I was recruiting subjects for a research study that I was performing at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  A regional cycling coach, Danny Van Haute, suggested that I invite Norm to Colorado Springs from his native southern California to serve as a subject.  Though he was still a junior at the time, I was particularly impressed by Norm's work ethic and maturity.  Over the next several years, Norm continued to work hard and steadily progressed through the senior ranks.  He eventually turned pro and began racing for the Jelly Belly team.  It was at this time that I began coaching Norm.  Norm continued to race professional for a few more years (at the same time that he pursued his bachelor's degree) before he finally decided to hang up his wheels and go to dental school.  Norm is now a practicing orthodontist in the Redlands, California area.  In the fall of 2011, he sent me an email telling me that he wanted to return to racing (but, wisely, he didn't want to give up his day job) and asked if I would coach him again.  I took up the challenge (although there generally isn't anything too challenging about working with Norm) and in 2012 Norm won the California State Time Trial Championship!

Aaron Levin

I began working with Aaron in December of 2011 and over the past year, I have been continually impressed with his progress and success.  As a practicing lawyer, husband, and father (and avid surfer), time is a very valuable commodity for Aaron.  Aaron puts the high-intensity, low-volume block training strategy that I outline in my book to very good use.  Despite his busy schedule, Aaron maintained a respectable training and  racing schedule in 2012 which was highlighted by a win in the master's division of the Washington State Criterium Championship.