Despite my current position in academia, I continue to coach athletes and provide consultation.  I generally don't coach more than 6-8 athletes at any given time.  Coaching packages, services, and costs are as follows:

Premium Coaching Package


Fee: $500.00 per month

Startup Fee: None

Long Term Contract: Yes, 6-month minimum commitment

Regular Coaching Package


Fee: $200.00 per month

Startup Fee: None

Long-Term Contract: None

Training Package


Fee: $50.00 per month

Startup Fee: $100.00

Long-Term Contract: Yes, 4-month minimum commitment



Fee: $80.00/hr. (1/2 hour minimum per consult)

For Internet Customers: Please include your full name, billing address and telephone number. Inquiries without this information will not be answered!


I enjoy get out in the field to work with athletes and share my knowledge.  I am available to travel to you location to provide presentations on the following topics to your club or organization:

  1. Exercise Physiology - Understand the basics of how the body responds to exercise stress and how to use this knowledge to design more effective training programs and improve your performance.

  2. Goal Setting - Learn how to set reasonable goals that help you progress as a competitive athlete.

  3. Developing Training Programs - Dave will teach you how to develop a training program that will work for you.

  4. Power Meters and Heart Rate Monitors - Learn to use these tools to get the most out of your training program.

  5. Ergogenic Aids - Which supplements are worth the money? Find out from an expert.

  6. Equipment - Learn the difference between equipment that can improve your performance and equipment that just looks good.

Fee: Call for Rates.

To learn more about services, contact me at:

e-mail: Tel: 251-391-0358