I am a bit of an outdoor adventure junky.  When I am not teaching or doing research, you can usually find me diving on a reef, climbing a mountain, or trekking through the desert.  Below are some pictures from some of my adventures.  If you want to see more, visit my Facebook page.


Scuba and Freediving

I've been freediving for a number of years and just recently picked up scuba.  I love being in the ocean.  Just below the water's surface is a whole new world.  Beautiful and dynamic, my visits there are never too frequent or too long.  One of my favorite places to dive is the Palancar reef off the coast of Mexico.  The water is clear and warm, the sea life abundant, and the people are as friendly as you will find anywhere.

This young blue tang (yes blue, it changes color as it matures) stood out to me in this school of yellow grunts.



A beautiful french angelfish                                                             A pair of chocolate tangs


I hired a guide one morning to take me out to the reef for a few hours of freediving.  Little did I know that JoJo could attract fish like bait.


The Desert


I spent a couple of years in Albuquerque while I was finishing my doctoral studies.  While there, I fell in love with the desert.  The open spaces, sunshine, wildlife, and warm temperature made it a great place to live and spend my time.  I try to make time every year to return to the desert to run, mountain bike, and explore.

I love being in the desert as night falls.  As one world goes to sleep, another comes to life.



I came across these etchings one day while mountain biking in the desert of southern Utah.  Perhaps a thousand years old, they are protected only by their remote locations and the dry climate.


I had just spent three days packing alone in southern Utah without seeing another soul when I came upon this enormous canyon.  As I stood there, looking out across the vast expanse of open desert, I realized that I am miles away from the nearest person and no one in the world knows where I am right now.