Performance Cycling:

Training for Power, Endurance, and Speed

"When I was studying exercise physiology and racing bicycles as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri, I realized that a giant information gap existed between the scientists doing research on human performance and the athletes and coaches this research was designed to benefit. I wrote Performance Cycling to provide cyclists with better information about advances in training methods. My experiences conducting and reviewing research on cycling performance, competing as a road cyclist and mountain biker myself, and coaching cyclists of all abilities enable me to present this information from the combined perspectives of a scientist, athlete, and a coach. I think Performance Cycling is the most comprehensive and straightforward guide available for making cyclists' bodies as strong as possible."

- Dave Morris

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Read what competitive cyclists are saying about Dave Morris and Performance Cycling:

"I want everyone to know that Dave Morris deserves much of the credit for my success."

- Jane Quigley, 18-time National Champion, 9-time World Championship Medalist, 2-time Pan American Games Gold Medalist.

"Dave Morris is an innovator in the world of cycling . . . His training methods are what's next to come in our sport."

- Jon Retseck, 8-time National Champion.

"Dave has been coaching, racing, and riding for years, and really knows the ins and outs on why the body works the way it does."

- Alison Dunlap, 2001 World Champion, 2-time Olympian

"Because of Dave's years of experience and studies, this book will benefit anyone wanting to learn about the latest cycling research."

- Mari Holden, 2000 World Champion, 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist.